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Commercial gas installation in Melbourne

If you own a hotel or any other commercial establishment that requires energy for heating purposes, you need to prioritize two aspects. These are: safety and expenses. For both of these factors, gas is the favourable alternative compared to electricity. You would also have to choose carefully while picking the gas fitter. Hiring a reputed company for commercial gas installation would substantially curtail the expenses in the long run and ensure the safety of your employees.
At PlumbFirst Melbourne, we offer reliable gas fitting services to clients. Capitalizing on extensive experience of our professionals, we continue to be the first choice for our growing clientele. We are always compliant with the Australian standards while carrying out a gas fitting job.

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How would you benefit by hiring us for commercial gas installation?

As mentioned above, safety and long-term expenses are prime factors our clients look out for. This is especially important in a commercial setting, as non-compliance to safety standards may lead to legal complications. Here is how we can help you:

Our team of gas fitters is adequately licenced and experienced. While carrying out a commercial gas installation in Melbourne, they would make sure that it adheres to the necessary standards.

We carry out safety checks after installing a gas connection or appliance to avoid hazards.

You wouldn’t have to worry about frequent repairs as we use high-quality pipework and other components.

If you need to install a gas appliance, our experts would provide you with valuable advice to help you pick the model that would ideally suit your application.

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Why is a gas connection better than electricity in a commercial setting?

Even small amounts of excess expenses can run quite high in a commercial setting. Gas is significantly cheaper than electricity in Melbourne and can help you save your financial resources. The fact that natural gas is more environment friendly also helps to raise the green rating of businesses. Call us at 1300 168 832 for reliable commercial gas installation services.

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