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Cracked sewer pipes

Sewer pipes are often prone to various damages due to the external and internal stress they undergo. You might end up with cracked sewer pipes without prior indications. When you do, you would probably dread the inconvenience.
However, we can definitely help you out by repairing the damage in quick time. As one of the leading plumbing companies in Melbourne, we are committed to offering quality services to our clients. Our team of experienced plumbers and our sophisticated equipment makes us one of your most reliable options.
When it comes to something as complex yet important as your plumbing system, you should make no compromise with quality and professionalism. Knowing that we are insured and carry a good track record, you may assure yourself that your pipes are in good hands.

What Normally Gets Blocked?

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Sewer Drain

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What can lead to cracked sewer pipes?

Your sewer pipes may crack due to a number of reasons, which may or may not involve poor maintenance. Here are some of the common factors accounting for cracked sewer pipes:

  • If your pipes are too old, they may corrode and weaken. In this case, the water may break free through the weakened portions of the pipe.
  • Accidentally damaging your sewer pipes during renovation and landscaping projects can cause punctures and crack.
  • Trees growing around your property can grow roots into your pipes in search of water.
  • Lack of maintenance may cause your sewer pipes to fill up with grease and other deposits. As they choke up, they may burst or crack due to high water pressure.


Tree Roots

Gardening can be wonderful and fun but it is important to know where your sewer and stormwater drains are laid before planting certain flora. Cracks and spaces in your pipes are especially vulnerable to strong, deep roots and can cause significant damage to your pipe’s health and your wallet! Out of all the blocked drain issues throughout our 20+ years of plumbing experience, tree roots is the number one most common problem.

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Flushing Oils

The most common cause of kitchen sink blockages is oil and waste scraps clogging the drains. Simply DO NOT pour oils down the kitchen sink, but instead pour it into containers to prevent the fats blocking your drain.

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Hygiene Objects

Regardless of wipes and female hygiene products being a kind of tissue, you SHOULD NOT flush them down the drain. We advise our customers to dispose of these into a rubbish bin and to remember that all wipes can cause blockages and issues with your drain.

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Another common blockage problem is quantities of hair blocking drains. This can easily be prevented by using a hair catcher over your drain or simply remove the hairs from the drain after your shower

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Leaves & Debris

Leaves and debris often block stormwater drains. Make sure they’re kept clear. What we recommend to our customers is to place a Protective Gutter Guard or a simple mesh covering over the drain to keep them clean and clear.

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How do you know if you have a cracked sewer pipe?

Sewer pipes lie underground or inside the walls. Hence, a crack would be invisible to you. However, a foul smell of sewer water or dampness in the walls is a good indicator. A crack would also cause the surface over it to grow humid, due to which moss or grasses may grow in the region. To get cracked sewer pipes in Melbourne fixed, hire PlumbFirst Melbourne by giving us a call on 1300 168 832 any time you want.

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